24th June 2015

7 wedding invitation mistakes to avoid

Invitation InsideWe say it time and time again but your wedding invitations are one of the most important parts of your wedding. Why? Because it really is the first insight people get into your big day. You want them to look forward to your event and let’s face it, not only be impressed, but also feeling slightly in awe.


Invitations alone can be a quite confusing. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a list of seven things you definitely want to try and avoid:

 1. Do not get your guests’ names wrong

This is the ultimate faux pas. If you are asking someone to join you and aren’t sure of their surname, or perhaps their partner’s name, give them a ring to double check (or do a quick Google or social media search). They might not make a big fuss about it but it does demonstrate sloppiness on your part.


2. Do not give out wrong details

Double and triple check every single detail that is being printed on the card. From the venue’s address to the timing of each event, make sure it’s all correct otherwise you could end up with some very grumpy guests. If you haven’t finalised some of the finer details and can get away without printing them on the card then do that. It’s always a safer bet then printing something which might be wrong.


3. Do not overlook typos

Event details are one thing and typos are another. Try and go through your card as carefully as you can before it goes to print to avoid any little mistakes. Unlike incorrect details you probably won’t be left with any grumpy guest,s but it can look a little lazy and that’s definitely not how you want to come across.


4. Do not go for over the top packaging

Yes you’re invitation has to be impressive but remember that it also needs to be practical. Don’t send something that is too complicated to open or impossible to send out in the post. Also, many people tend to keep invitations as a keepsake but if yours is too big to store, then it might just end up in the recycling bag.


5. Do not under order

Even if you’ve made a guest list and have an exact number, we always advise our clients to order at least 20 extra cards. You might end up making some mistakes while writing the cards, or might decide to invite extra guests at the very last minute. Either way, if you’ve not got enough, you’ll either have to wait a while or pay over the odds for your stationer to get you a few extra.


6. Do not follow the more is more rule

The truth is, less is always more and you would do well to remember it. Don’t clutter your invitation with so much text or so much colour that it blinds the guest. Try and keep it on the simple side. If you are hiring a bespoke wedding stationer then they should be able to offer you plenty of advice with things like colours combinations and design.


7. Do not leave it to the very last minute

Get your invitation cards printed at least two weeks before you intend to start sending them out. This will give you enough time to write and go through them one by one to avoid any mistakes. Also, if there are any problems or errors it gives you enough time to sort this out.


Team RickyDicky