13th May 2015

Thank you cards: 5 tips to end your wedding in style


When people usually talk about weddings, they always refer to the event as being about the bride. Do we agree with this statement? Well, not entirely. You see the day is about the couple; they are after all exchanging their vows and exclaiming their love for one another. But, it is also very much about the guests. It is important to ensure your guests feel well looked after and appreciated, so it would be nice if the final part of your wedding day celebrations end with a thank you card.


We think it’s great wedding etiquette to send out a card to all of your guests to show how thankful you are for their attendance on your special day. But, before you do, here are 5 things you should take into consideration.


  1. Time

It is important that you get the timing of your card right. If you send it out too late then your guests might feel a little disheartened, and in some cases disinterested. Ideally, you need to open any received gifts before you send out your cards so you can specifically thank each guest. This may take some time, especially if you’re also heading off on your honeymoon straight after your wedding. We recommend you wait no longer than 6-8 weeks to send out your thank you cards.


  1. Personalise it

Pre wedding shoots are becoming more and more popular so you may already have some great professional shots of you and your partner to pop on the card. However, if you’d like to send out a card with an image from your wedding day then be sure to discuss this with your photographer and wedding stationery supplier beforehand, so you have an idea of how long the process will take. If it’s going to take too long, opt for an alternative image/design.


  1. Handwrite your message

Even if you’re getting digitally printed, professional cards from a wedding stationery supplier, it’s always nice to write a personal handwritten message inside. This will enable you to thank each guest individually for his or her particular gift and it will also convey that you’ve taken a lot of time and thought before posting it out.


  1. And others

In addition to your guests, remember there are lots of other people who probably made up a very important part of your big day; be it the caterers, musicians, DJ, or wedding planner. It’s not an absolute must to send them something, but remember, people always appreciate a thank you gesture and it will also help you establish a great relationship with them should you require their services in the future.


  1. Get creative

While we’ve spent the majority of this post talking about ‘cards’, remember it is your prerogative to send out whatever you like. You don’t necessarily have to say thank you with a ‘card’. You could send out some personalised chocolates, jigsaws, or opt for a whole host of other personalised items. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. But if you’re struggling, give us a call, it’s our speciality after all.


Team RickyDicky