17th June 2015

5 reasons you need to hire a professional wedding stationer


You’re getting married…congratulations! One of the first things you’ll probably want to do is research and book your preferred wedding suppliers to ensure they are available for your big day – and your wedding stationery supplier is no exception. Wedding stationery has become a very important part of weddings, which sadly some couples tend to realise when there’s very little preparation time left. Your stationery is the thing that will neatly tie all the little aspects of your event together and make the day complete.

Here’s presenting our top 5 reasons on why you need to hire a professional wedding stationer:


  1. First chance to impress

Your wedding invitations will be the first insight into your big day. People will most likely judge what the day will be like from the moment they open the envelope, and you want to ensure they’re excited from the word go. Also, it’s great if you can include something within your invite to make your guests feel extra special.


  1. People love personalisation

Weddings have become more of an intimate affair in many cases, which means it’s more practical to offer your guests something personal. People love it when you go the extra mile to make them feel special. You can print out a place card with their name or a favour box which is specifically addressed to them if you hire a specialist stationery supplier.


  1. Make sure it’s matching

If you get someone to make your stationery from scratch then they can ensure that it all matches. For example, your caterer might offer to get your menus printed, but if you ask them to commission your stationer instead (so that it matches your place cards, seating plan, favours or any other bits), trust us when we say that people will notice the difference.


  1. Think about the finer detail

Everyone wants their wedding to be unique and stand out from the rest, but most people don’t realise it’s actually the stationery that will help you do this. The stationery will pull together all the aspects of your wedding from the theme and colour to more intimate details about the couple.


  1. It’s a fraction of the cost

A typical Asian wedding costs around £30,000, so when you’re spending that much money it’s essential your event is flawless. Even if you opt to have a range of different, bespoke items from a stationery provider, chances are it won’t cost more than 10 per cent of your total wedding spend. When you think about the fact that it’s your stationery that binds everything together, it’s a no brainer.


Team RickyDicky