15th April 2015

When is the best time to send out your wedding invites?

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While many of our clients walk through the doors knowing exactly when they want their wedding invitation cards delivered to their front door, we often get asked; ‘when do you think we should send them out?’.


The invitation timeline is perhaps one of the most important things to bear in mind when it comes to planning your big day because if you get it wrong, it can cause a lot of chaos, particularly if people haven’t had enough time to RSVP. So here’s presenting a brief timeline, which should ensure everything runs smoothly.


8-10 months prior to the wedding

Visit a wedding stationary supplier to select the type of card you want to send out to your guests. If you are looking to have something bespoke made then this could take significantly longer so remember to factor this in.


6-8 months prior to the wedding

If you’re sending out save-the-date cards, especially for a destination wedding (or weekend away), then try and get these out as early as you possibly can so people can book time of work and make sure they’re available for your big day.


6-8 weeks prior to the wedding

Send out your actual wedding invitation cards between the six-to-eight-week mark. The finer details of your event, such as timing etc, will have been confirmed by now along with any other details your guests need to be made aware of so they can plan ahead.


3-4 weeks prior to the wedding

This is when you should be aiming to get the majority of your RSVPs back from your guests so that you can prep well in advance when it comes to things like seating plans and inform the caterers and venue of the number of people who will be attending. For Asian weddings, guest lists remain quite tight for smaller weddings, so it also gives you a window to invite additional people if there is any extra space.


Up to 2 months after the wedding

If you are sending thank you cards to your guests (which is quite a nice thing to do) then try and send these out no later than two months after your wedding. A personalised card with a nice hand-written note is the best way to go.


Team RickyDicky