9th April 2015

5 reasons to send out a save-the-date


Unique Save the DateYou’ve announced your engagement and have dived straight into every aspect of planning your big day. Organising a wedding is by no means an easy task, but one of the first things you should be thinking about is what kind of save-the-date to send out to your guests and here’s why:


  1. Book time off

Nowadays many wedding celebrations take place over a few days, with some even taking place during the week. Therefore if you expect your guests to attend, many of them will need to book holidays from work well in advance (especially during peak holiday season). So, to ensure your guests can make it to your big day, let them know what dates you’ll be requiring their presence on.


  1. Arrange accommodation

It has become an increasing trend for couples to get married out of town or even out of the country. While the exact details of your big day may not have been finalised, chances are the venue will be one of the first things to have been booked. If people need to book overnight accommodation, it’s nice for them to have the option to do so well in advance before all the rooms at a nearby hotel get sold out – this is really quite important for those opting to get married in a more rural location where accommodation is scarce.


  1. Preempt who’s attending

If you send out your save-the-date between six to eight months ahead of your actual wedding day (this is the suggested time frame) then chances are you’ll probably be made aware well in advance, of anyone who isn’t attending. This allows you to alter your guest list and invite anyone else who you perhaps didn’t have room for in the first instance.


  1. Build up the excitement

Let’s face it, who’s not excited by a wedding?! If you opt to send out a save-the-date you can make it fun and quirky, creative or classy and even send out something that matches your theme – if you’ve got as far as deciding that so soon. When people receive something to open, it will add to the excitement and create a nice build up to the big day.


  1. It’s basic wedding etiquette

It’s just nice to let people know what’s happening in advance so they can go ahead and make any plans around your big day if they want to. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t send something out to your guests, but they’ll certainly appreciate it if you do. Try and make it special, because after all, it is the first window into your big day.


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