15th July 2015

Your wedding day stationery checklist

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Planning a wedding is almost like a full time job. Can you believe that the average couple takes 250 hours to plan their big day? And that stat doesn’t even include all the extra pre-wedding functions many South Asian families have to the lead up.

Wedding stationery has become increasingly important over the last decade or so, and to ensure you’ve got all your bases covered, we’ve put together a basic wedding stationery checklist that should hopefully help you come to terms with the types of things you’ll require, so you can plan your budget accordingly.


Before the big day

  • Save the date cards
    If you’re unsure about the majority of your wedding details but want to ensure your guests are available to attend on the day, then this is an absolute necessity. This is not an official invitation, simply a note to say we want you to save the date!
  • Hen / stag party invites
    It’s not a necessity but some brides (more so than grooms) may want to send out a nice invite to her bridesmaids. If you’re having a themed event, it would be nice to add a bit of excitement from the word go.
  • Engagement party
    Are you having an engagement party? Or perhaps any other pre-wedding celebration? If so you might want to think about sending out these cards separately, especially if there’s a long gap between the party and your wedding day.


Wedding invitations

  • Invitation card
    You will need to choose the actual style and type of card you wish to go for. This is the most important part of your wedding stationery (no pressure!)
  • Wedding events / itinerary
    Depending on the type of card you select you may wish to include some loose inserts to inform your guests about any additional events such as pre/post wedding parties or receptions.
  • Additional information booklet
    If for example your wedding is abroad, instead of a card, you may wish to opt for a small booklet which can be placed inside your card informing people about any additional travel details.
  • RSVP cards
    These have become common practice and are generally sent out with an envelope (and sometimes a stamp). If you’re not sending out a card remember to include your contact details somewhere so guests can get in touch to say whether or not they’re attending your event.

On the day

  • Seating plan
    If you have a specific seating arrangement, you’ll need to have a visible board instructing people where they need to sit.
  • Table numbers/names
    This follows on directly from the seating plan. If you have a plan, you’re going to need these. Period.
  • Place cards
    Individual place cards are a nice little touch as it gives the event more of a personal touch and also means people know exactly where they should be.
  • Menu cards
    Whether you have a menu card for each individual person or one for the table, people will be expecting it somewhere.
  • Order of the day
    Some people like to inform their guests about timings so everyone knows what to expect. This can sometimes be placed on the opposite side or back of the menu card to save cost, or you can opt to have it totally separate.
  • Ceremony booklets
    If you’re having a religious ceremony and inviting people from various different backgrounds who may not be aware of what is happening, it’s nice to provide them with some information so they can follow through.
  • Guestbook
    Of course you’ll want to have some kind of keepsake for your special day and the wedding guestbook is the best way to do this.
  • Signage
    Are you having any special areas set up or any thing out of the ordinary that needs some good looking signage? Avoid printing something off Microsoft Word and go to a stationery supplier to ensure it looks classy.
  • Favours
    Depending on what type of favour you have, you might want to add a personalised tag or sticker.

After the wedding day

  • Thank you cards
    These are usually sent to the guests to offer thanks for attending the event and for any gifts they may have given you. Personalised thank you cards with a picture of the couple always go down a treat.


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