8th July 2015

5 innovative wedding guestbook ideas

polaroidAt RickyDicky we love the idea of a traditional wedding guestbook. They’re simple, sophisticated and easy to read, but, that doesn’t mean we don’t like to experiment or offer our brides and grooms something a little different. If you’re one of those couples that prefers modern and quirky then here’s a few ways you can add some extra excitement to your wedding guestbook.



1. Date Jar

Ask all of your guests to write down a date suggestion and place it in a labeled jar. You can pull out a suggestion once a week, once a month or once a year on every anniversary – or you can even simply read them all at once if you can’t wait. If you actually go on the date, you can always click a selfie and WhatsApp it to the person who suggested the date in the first place.


2.Lights, Camera, Action!

Instead of asking your guests to write something down, you could keep a portable video camera on a table with a sign inviting guests to film a short clip or message for you. Copy them to a disk and relive your special day over and over every time you pop the DVD into the player.


3. Thumb prints

Whether you use the thumb prints to represent trees or balloons you could ask all of your guests to leave a mark on a gorgeous piece of card in a colour of their choice. It will act as a nice little keepsake you can hang up on a wall in your house once it’s framed.


4. Wedding quilt

Depending on the number of guests you have you could lay out different patches of quilt and ask your guests to sign each individual patch. Imagine reading all the lovely messages every morning and night. It’s sure to put you in a good mood.


5. Say cheese

Keep a Polaroid camera on a table and ask guests to take a picture of themselves at your event, with a a brief handwritten message at the bottom of the print. Once you’ve got all the snaps, you can create a lovely picture collage and hang it up wherever you wish.


Team RickyDicky

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